Original Art
by Caroline Anne Morris

Welcome to the world through my eyes.
Images impact us everyday and are what we remember whether it is a painting, an advert, a film or a memory. Art like music can uplift and inspire us bring out our latent creativity and encourage us to reconnect with our own gifts.
I am an artist and facilitator of expressive art, based in Glasgow, Scotland, with experience working as an illustrator, a medical artist at the University of Glasgow, a professional painter and holistic therapist.
Welcome to my world…...here is my online Gallery of Original Scottish Art,  including Angel and Fairy pictures, Shamanic and Wildlife art and the magic of Dance (this being my preferential way to travel through life).
I  also delight in commissioned work from pet and wildlife portraits to book and CD covers to visionary psychic art and whatever comes next - variety being the spice of life.
Everyone is creative. Daily we create the pictures of our lives, the many experiences, responses and reactions that we act out in day-to-day living.
When not creating art, I run art classes supporting expressive painting, using visualisation meditation and pertinent questions to release the emotional mindset that inhibits creativity. My art classes are for everyone that is interested in living life more fully and expressing themselves more freely whether for fun, health or simply the joy of letting go.


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