Introducing Caroline 

A student at Glasgow School of Art

An illustrator for Scottish newspapers

Exhibted paintings and drawings around Scotland for several years before health issues impacted and it was obvious that things had to change.

The gift in this period was that my eyes to the art in everything and the recognition .

Facilitator of expressive art classes allowing me to have interactive fun with others.

Nowadays, as a freelance artist and illustrator alongside energetic facilitator of Access Consciousness Body processes  I live life more in the question than ever before.

I find the more I play the more fun I have. For me having 10 paintings on the go rather than one or two  is much more fun....Everything is just a choice after all. I have learnt to choose more for me and in so doing found I can create and enjoy so much more.

Esoteric Fairy, Angel and Mermaid Mythic based Magical pictures alongside Shamanic paintings, unique craft items, accessories and textile art How much more fun can this be?

I see how in certain cultures the word Art is synonymous with Life...and what is greater than living life as the adventure it truly is.