Introducing Caroline 

Born and raised in Scotland.

A student at Glasgow School of Art

An illustrator for a Scottish newspaper group.

Exhibitor of paintings and drawings around Scotland for several years before health issues impacted and it was obvious that things had to change,

.......and they have! 

I find the more I play the more fun I have. For me having 10 paintings on the go rather than one or two  is much more fun....

So from Fairy, to Angels, Mermaid and Mythic based Magical imagery to Shamanic paintings and all the rest, illustrations, papier mache creatures, unique craft items, accessories and textile art, the more I choose to create, the more joy and fun my life becomes.

As a facilitator of expressive art classes, I get to have interactive fun with others too. So how did I get so lucky to live the life I do? ...oh yes I chose it

........and on a blue hair day when the going gets tough ...I choose some more!

In certain cultures the word Art is synonymous with Life.

What is greater than living life as the adventure it truly is and what if its purpose is to be fun, inspiring yourself and others as you go?