Are you ready to release your inner expressive artistic Muse? 
Water Dragon as Expressive art
What if everything was allowed to show up without judgement?
What if you allowed yourself to make marks whatever way your hands/fingers/feet/toes/body chose to?
What then ...I wonder?
Whether you are an professional budding creative or someone who has challenges with health and living....basically everyone. 
Art can enable us to be more potent as if by magic.
When we step into the creative processes we can lose ourselves and find more of ourselves at the same time. 
We are all as definitely different as we choose and allow ourselves to be and that is part of the beauty that we be, simply waiting to be re-discovered.
Having fun and relaxing through art, meditation and sound can impact your life positively in many unexpected ways as well as improving your artistic technique.
I am happy to facilitate art classes or mentor individuals in East Dunbartonshire and Perthshire within the community.
Connect with me here to discuss this further.
Art is for everyone.
Everyone can be a Creator of magnitude.....
if they choose it.
 What if it was easy to be more of the generative creative artist than you never thought possible?  
 Below is a sample of images from a class of expressive art, on the Creative Cycle using the Colours of the Rainbow.