Creative Art Galleries by Caroline Morris


Stories, mythology and other realities have a very special place in my heart so it is possibly no surprise that to date I have the most images in this gallery.


For those who appreciate the animal realms they are a fascinating joy, with a language which most of us do not quite uderstand some of the time anyway. All the mental stuff that we torment ourselves with is absent and the creature kingdoms are like steppng into a much simpler world, one where things simply are.

I have had the pleasure of creating many animal portraits over the years, often in watercolour although sometimes in pastels and mixed media. Occasionally I have also created digital imagery. More recently I have been also exploring animal totems and hope to have more opportunities to play with this theme either for myself or in cooperation with others.


I have always loved dance and from time to time have enjoyed classes, from Latin American to Biodanza and 5 Rhythms with some other workshops with more esoteric steps along the way. I ove going to the theatre to soak in the essence of music and movement interweaving on stage. What better way to shake off the blues?

The wonderful unfolding of tensions as limbs move and bodies transform their shape as if effortlessly - is amazing.

What if we allowed the dancers within ourselves to express with the fluidity and joy of orgasmic dance...I wonder how our lives would and could change....


This series of pastels indicated to me that I had made a leap in my creativity and they were so much fun to paint. I had wonderful fun blocking in crazy colours limey greens and shocking pinks before layering up the skin. It was a new way of working and much bolder than I had been willing to play with previously.


When we are feeling out of sorts with the world and everyone in it, expressing ourselves through different media can be immensely freeing. Stfling creativity can lead to ill health as we suppress a very basic aspect of being human. By harnessing our creativity we can surprise ourselves, think out o the box and generally change our life around.

Allowing confusion and emotional turmoil - conscious or otherwise, to spill out through art and healthy creative pursuits may gently or otherwise, release the chaos within to transform those restricting feelings into joyful expansion and well being. Sitting quietly can be a very good place to begin to connect with our Muse,noticing what is although sometimes the ideas within are ready to burst out and we simply need to go with the flow. 

The "Journey" Series

These paintings marked a major change for me. Initially a sort of self imposed test I suppose to see if I could paint well ...enough for me. The images began with a very loose sketched idea  and then somehow the painting took over and they became my first doing it for me paintings. They remind me how much joy extending your comfort zone can have........ once you stop resisting!

The originals are now for sale and Medicine Woman is available as an A5 card. I have always found these particularly good for meditation and contemplative practices.

Shamanic Journey Series

We all have moments when we are in exactly the right space. Feel we are doing what comes as second nature - a  really joy filled experience. This very aptly describes these channelled creations and the final oil paintings which evolved from them. 

initially an invitation to "tune in" to sessions going on in the North of Scotland rather than locally. Later I had the privilege of tuning into a weekly Shamanic drumming group and meeting the drummers themselves. 

As I continually translate and developing the images into oil paintings, amazingly they have mirrored my own continuing journey and exploration of life. The images allow me to have greater insight into my own energetic processes, have more fun and have often been anchors in stormy seas when I bought into life being overwhelming. If we are indeed the infinite beings we be could we ever be overwhelmed - unless of course we chose that?